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Paws on the Ground Colorado provides education intended to inform consumers about the connection between buying a puppy at a pet store and the puppy mill industry.  Almost 175,000 adult dogs are held captive as breeding dogs and produce 2 million puppies each year.   As the puppies are being sold in pet stores and online 1.2 million dogs are killed in shelters each year.  


Paws on the Ground started as a loose collective of pet store protesters who protested weekly in front of the largest pet store in metro Denver.  One day the store owner had a change of heart and joined a protester at a rescue adoption event.  He agreed to start offering rescue dogs in his store.  With the help of the Humane Society of the United States Puppy Mill Project the group formed a rescue and began working with the store. The rescue also decided to assist dogs from local shelters and neighboring states to find good homes through a network of foster homes.  We are committed to continuing to educate consumers, offer resources to stores hoping to convert to a humane model, and working with shelters to help dogs find their forever homes.  Since the beginning of the year Paws on the Ground Colorado has helped more than 250 shelter dogs and unwanted dogs find forever homes.